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A.D.H.D. Records
Heavy metal and Rock label. Artists include Rockman and CJ. MP3s, classifieds, artist biographies, and online ordering.
Absolutely Kosher Records
Alternative label based in San Francisco, California, USA. Artists include The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up, Eltro, and The Swords Project. Bands, tour dates, merchandise, and links.
Acetate Records
Alternative Rock label from California. Artists include The Bombthrowers, Jeff Smith, and Dragbeat. News, sound and video samples, and online store.
West Virginia Rock label. Artists include Dame Darcy, The Postage Era, and Puerto Muerto. Catalog, audio samples, message board, artist bios.
Adrenaline Records
Italian Rock and Metal label. Artists include Evil Wings, Moon of Steel, and Seasons of the Wolf. MP3s, tour schedule, online store, news, and links.
Alias Records Online
Toluca Lake, CA indie Rock label. Artists include Archers of Loaf, Caustic Resin, Knapsack, Distortion Felix, Loud Family, and Yo La Tengo. Band pages, eshop, news, digital downloads, message board.
Ambassador Music Group
A label that believes in British influenced Guitar Music. Specializes in Brit Rock. Artists: Alex Lowe, Atomic, and The Cats.
Ambiguous City
Based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Releases indie Rock, features The Maginot Line, Landspeedrecord!, All The Dead Pilots, The Scott Farkus Affair, The Jack McCoys, Slow Wire, and Sparks Fly from a Kiss.
American Empire Records
San Diego, California Rock label developing music for movie soundtracks and video games. Artists include Ajatano, Savino, and Tokyo Rose. Artist pages, links, and contact information.
ATO Records
Founded by Dave Matthews and Michael McDonald. Home of David Gray. Artist biographies, press releases, MP3s, contact information.
Bad Taste Records
Lund, Sweden Runk and Rock label. Bands include Log, Satanic Surfers, Danko Jones, The Weakerthans, Hard-Ons, Intensity. News, shows, online ordering, and sound and video samples.
Better Looking Records
Los Angeles indie Rock label. Artists include The Jealous Sound, The And/Ors, The Good Life, The Gloria Record, and Ides of Space. Sound samples, band pages, mailing list, online ordering.
Blue Orange Records
San Francisco, USA label. Includes featured artists.
Glasgow, Scotland Rock and Roll label. News, artists, audio and events.
Bouncing Corporation
German Rock and Psychedelic label. Artists include Grimble Grumble, Ashtray Boy, and Phoebus. Audio samples, catalog, online ordering.
Break Records
Home of Lalo Guerrero, the Father of Chicano music. Artist bio, audio samples, discography, online ordering.
C/Z Records
Seattle indie Rock label and original home of Nirvana and Soundgarden. Current artists include Skin Yard, Love Battery, and Skyward. Band pages, discography, catalog, order information.
Caffeinated Recordings
Chicago, USA-based indie Rock label. Artists include Spread, the Gelflings, and SuperMarket Sound. Band pages, tour dates, and contact information.
Chainsaw Records
Olympia, Washington, USA- Rock label featuring No. 2, Tracy and the Plastics, Third Sex, the Need, and early Sleater-Kinney. Catalog, message board, links, band pages.
Chemikal Underground Records
Glasgow, Scotland record label started by the Delgados. Other artists include Arab Strap, Mogwai, Bis, Radar Bros, Cha Cha Cohen, Aerogramme, Magoo, and Suckle. News, mailing list, label history, artist pages.
Cleopatra Records
Rock, Goth, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal label. Artists include Mission UK, Newlydeads, Switchblade Symphony, Spahn Ranch, and Impotent Sea Snakes. They also have numerous tribute CDs. News, catalog, audio and video clips.
CMC International Records
Classic Rock and Metal label. Artists include Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Tubes, Dokken, Peter Frampton, Thin Lizzy, Molly Hatchet, Styx, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, and Blue Oyster Cult. News, catalog, contact information.
Cuenet Records
Cuenet Records, based in London and Sunderland in the United Kingdom. Rock and Pop guitar music.
Dark Years Records
A Boston, USA-based indie label featuring artists such as The Douglas Fir , Jay Walsh, and The Glove Compartment.
Davis Deluxe Music
An Online Music Outlet And ASCAP Publisher Affiliate. Provides a number of links to resources for songwriters as well as free music downloads of songs in the catalog.
Dippy Records
Independent Miami Beach Pop/Rock label. Artists include the BJ Experience, Dip, and Caution Automatic.
District Records
News, artists, show dates, downloads, CDs, links and contact information. Located in Washington, DC, USA.
Divine Industries
Canadian indie Rock label. Artists include Sons of Freedom, DSK, and Veal. Discography, band pages, and online store.
Drag City
Chicago, USA Rock label and original home of Pavement. Current artists include Smog, US Maple, Edith Frost, and King Kong. News, catalog, tour dates.
Escape Music
British Rock, Metal and AOR label. Artist include Dakota, Franke and the Knockouts, Grand Illusion, and the Distance. Artist biographies, MP3s, and ordering information.
Facedown Records
New Jersey, USA indie Rock, Low-fi and Garage rock label. Artists include Dipsomaniacs, Taggart, Blank Pages, and Horndog. Catalog, artist profiles, and contact information.
Fearless Records
California Alternative Rock label. Artists include At the Drive-In, Gob, Glasseater, the Aquabats, Dynamite Boy, Beefcake, Bigwig, and Straightfaced. Artist pages, tour dates, links, online ordering.
Freedom In Exile Recordings
New York, USA indie Rock label. Home of High Fidelity. News, catalog, MP3s, and ordering information.
Greytank Records
Information about this Indie-Rock label and the bands it represents.
Gridley Records
New York, USA-based Alternative Rock label. Artists include Erin Hill, the Buddy Scott Trio, and the Picassos. Mailing list, artist bios, tour dates, mailing list, and store.
Grooveyard Records
Rock guitar music label. Home of Chasing the Sun and Craig Erickson Project. Sound clips, news, artist pages, and links.
Hush Records
Anti-Rock label. Artists include Amy Annelle, The Operacycle, and Kind of Like Spitting. Online ordering, MP3s, photographs, and tour dates.
InterMet Music Group
A group of Labels located in the United Kingdom foused on Rock music, promoting British and American artists.
Intervention Arts
South African Alternative label. Artists include Abstract Q, Flesh Field, and Ghoaltown. News, reviews, calendar, and mailing list.
Kindercore Records
Athens, Georgia, USA indie Rock label. Home of Dressy Bessy, Vermont, Of Montreal, Kincaid, and Kitty Craft. MP3s, discography, tour dates, and online store.
Mega Wave Records
Pop/Rock label. Artists include 47UMa, Fancy That, and Most Wanted. News, catalog, downloads, and links.
Menlo Park Recordings
New York City, USA indie Rock label. Home of Menstruation Sisters and Deerhoof.
Music Fellowship
Alternative Rock label. Artists include The Album Leaf, Meisha, Landing, and 49 Hudson. Audio clips, tour dates, catalog, and links.
NEH Records
Releases Melodic Rock and AOR music. Artists include Axe, Guild of Ages, and Wishdoctor. Catalog, links, and online store.
Nommo Records
Releases Acoustic Rock. MP3 samples, promotional CDs, songs lyrics, and contact information.
One Way Productions
A label for Alternative Rock and Punk Rock artists. Located in Boston, USA.
Orange Recordings
Chicago, USA indie Rock label. Artists include Cash Money, Chris Ballew, White Hassle, and the Mother Hips. Audio clips, news, press, message board, tour dates, and online store.
Organ Grinder Records
Based in the United Kingdom. Current artists include The Mules, Fireworks Night and Pontiak.
Paper Hat Records
Based in North Carolina, USA, specializing in Experimental Rock.
phonocaster music berlin
Based in Berlin, Germany. Also offers tour booking, backline rental, and online shop for records and clothes.
Pippola Music
A indie company dedicated to several music genres, but focused on Alternative Rock.
Playing Field Recordings
Champaign, Illinois, USA indie Rock label. Website features artist information, streaming audio, latest release news, and tour calendar. Artists include Lenka Dusilova, Sheilbound, Sleeping for Sunrise, Park, Supporting Actress.
Pollytone Records
Independent Rock and Roll label. Artists include Doomsday Rockers, Hot Rockin┤, and The Firebirds. Ordering, discography, and audio.
Retrospect Records
Huge hard rock/metal/AOR re-issue label.
Christian Hard Rock / Metal Indie label.
Scratchie Records
Located in New York, USA. Focused on Alternative. News, about, bands contact, listen/view, merchandise, press reviews, and message board.
Sling Slang Productions
Connecticut, USA indie Rock label. Artists include Lorenji Shift, Trojan Prayer, and Sugarfist. Catalog, MP3s, and tour dates.
Sonic Swirl Records
Specializes in Garage, Punk, Surf and other Rock n┤ Roll, since 1994. News, releases, ordering information, and contact.
Sugartune Music
Montreal, Canada-based company focused on the genre. Artists include the Snitches, Moonshine Orchestra, Marc Nelson, and Atomic Folk. Features a Rock trivia.
Sundazed Music
CD and vinyl reissue home of amp-melting Rock and Roll, reverb-drenched Surf guitar, swivel-hipped Rockabilly, mindbending Psychedelic sounds, and fuzz-damaged Garage Rock.
Tart Garage Records
A label and studio Based in Culver City, California, USA. Home of Jakarta Skyscraper and Menthol Hill.
Tee Pee Records
Independent Rock label. Bands include The Atomic Bitchwax, Fistful of Rock N┤ Roll series, Nebula, Core, and Boulder.
Too Pure
London, United Kingdom-based label. Home of Bows, Hefner, Jack, Laika.
Two Sheds Music
Atlanta-based label specializing in indie Rock and Emo bands based in the Southeastern United States.
Underground Sounds
Alternative music label based in London, England. Artists include Low-Fi Generator, Noonday Underground, and Alcohol. MP3s, catalog, and links.
Up Records
Artists include Modest Mouse, Quasi, Built to Spill, Duster, The Concretes, Land of the Loops, and Enemy Mine. News, tour dates, MP3s, and ordering information.
Urban Cheese Records
Alternative music label based in Seattle, WA. Artists include The Cocktail Revisionists, DC to Daylight, Steven R. Brooks and Blockhead. MP3s, biographies, and links.
Western Vinyl
Austin, Texas, USA. Artists include Burd Early, Boxhead, and Secretly Canadian.
Home to Cornershop, Bis, Mucho Macho and others. The site features regular news updates, real audio, on-line shopping, an in-depth label history, artist biogs and discographies and a good set of links.