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Artist Profiles: Miguel Allo
Miguel Allo is the founder of Celtic band Camaxe. He is also a passionate gaitero (player of the gaita, the Galician bagpipes). He started playing the instrument at the age of 9 and by the age of 12 was already composing his first melodies. Miguel grew up in the context of Galician musical culture and … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Miguel Allo


Artist Profiles: Marc De Martelaer
Marc De Martelaer was the bass player for Celtic band Camaxe. His elaborate musical background is the result of his collaboration with numerous bands from the most diverse origins: Jewish with Krupnik, Brazilian with Samboa, Asian, etc. As a recognized bass player he has had the opportunity to work together with some renowned Belgian musicians: … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Marc De Martelaer


Artist Profiles: Limbrant
Limbrant, noted for its pure approach to Flemish music, is a six -member ensemble under the direction of Hubert Boone, one of the pioneers of the Belgian folk music revival. Many of the innumerable songs and dances he collected in Flanders are in the group’s repertoire. Limbrant’s program includes early ballads, love songs, and historical … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Limbrant


Artist Profiles: Ialma
Ialma is responsible for the increasing influence of Galician folk music in Belgium. The group features five cantareiras (singers), who are descendants of Spanish immigrants from Galicia, as well as Belgian instrumentalists. Ialma also has strong Wallonian and Flamenco influences. The vocalists are: Verónica Codesal, Marisol Palomo, Nuria Aldao, Natalia Codesal and Magali Menéndez Tradicional … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Ialma


Artist Profiles: Filip Lambrechts
Filip Lambrechts started playing the guitar at the age of 16. He improved his playing by imitating what he heard on records (mostly American singer-songwriters). Some time later he discovered Dadgad (particular way of tuning the guitar) thanks to the recordings of Pierre Bensusan. After having studied jazz music for some years he returned to … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Filip Lambrechts


Artist Profiles: Django Reinhardt
Legendary Belgian gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt?s ?hot swing? style and music caused a sensation in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s and is still popular today. Django along with famed violinist Stephane Grappelli were the stars of The Quintet of the Hot Club of France, which defined this style of music, known as Le … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Django Reinhardt


Artist Profiles: Camaxe
The musical roots of the band Camaxe lie in the Galician tradition. Miguel Allo, founder of the band, has a passion for folk music and has been studying Galician music for over two decades years. Bands like Fuxan os ventos, Milladoiro and Luar na Lubre still serve as a musical reference point to him. From … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Camaxe


Artist Profiles: Baptiste Argouarch
Baptiste Argouarch was born in St Nazaire in 1983 and started playing the violin at the age of 7. He studied classical music for 7 years, after which he turned to Irish traditional music only. At 15 he started a violin building course from which he graduated in 2003. Argouarch spent some time in Belgium, … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Baptiste Argouarch


Artist Profiles: Karim Baggili
Born in Belgium in 1976 with Jordanian and Yugoslavian origins, Karim Baggili, is a composer, self-taught guitarist and ud player. He began playing the electric guitar at the age of 16. At 20, he started working the different techniques of the flamenco guitar and acquired an Arabic lute (ud) during one of his many trips … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Karim Baggili


Artist Profiles: Ariane De Bievre
Ariane De Bievre plays flutes and percussion. She studied classical flute and also mastered the bansuri (Indian flute). She is also a skilled percussionist. She plays bodhran, bendir, daf and other instruments. Ariane has performed with Julos Beaucame, Satya, Karo-Trio-Flute, Ten Strings, Univers Zero and Galician Celtic band Camaxe.

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