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African Music Publishing - The World´s Leading African Music Publisher
African Music Publishing is an independent global African copyright licensing & copyright administration organization founded in 2008. Purpose is to help African Musicians, Songwriters, Composers, Producers, Poets, and copyright owners to generate more in
Learn to Dance with Forrest Vance
Online dance lessons, videos, events, infos & more. Hosted by dancing legend Forrest Vance.




Frame Drum Vitality
Xavier Diaz – Noró (Músicas de Salitre, 2018) On Noró, vocalist and percussionist Xavier Diaz revisits and transforms the traditional folk songs and dances of Galicia (northwestern Spain). It?s a tribute to the musics of northern Galicia. He collaborates with a group of female percussionists and vocalists called Adufeiras de Salitre, who use square frame … Continue reading Frame Drum Vitality


Ney Maestro Hossein Omoumi to Perform at A World in Trance festival in New York
Persian ney (flute) virtuoso and vocalist Hossein Omoumi is set to perform a concert of Persian classical and Sufi music on Sunday, April 29, 2017 at Roulette in Downtown Brooklyn, New York. This is the closing concert of A World in Trance festival. Hossein Omoumi has toured and recorded with many of Iran?s leading artists, … Continue reading Ney Maestro Hossein Omoumi to Perform at A World in Trance festival in New York


Artist Profiles: Cachaíto
Bassist Candelario Orlando López Vergara, better known as Cachaíto, was born on February 2, 1933 in Havana, Cuba. He was best known worldwide as the pulse of the Buena Vista Social Club. Cachaíto was the one musician who played on every track on every album in the World Circuit Buena Vista Social Club series of … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Cachaíto


Artist Profiles: Cándido Camero
Cándido de Guerra Camero, better known as Cándido Camero, was born in 1921 in a Havana barrio called El Cerro. Cándido was initially a multi-instrumentalist, showing dexterity on tres, guitar, and bass-these being key instruments in the popular son music of the day. A switch to bongos and congas led to a six-year period with … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Cándido Camero


Artist Profiles: Cándido Fabré
Cándido Fabré was born on September 10, 1957 in San Luis, Cuba. He was the songwriter, arranger and main vocalist with Orquesta Original de Manzanillo from 1983 to 1993. In 1993 he formed his new, 15-piece band featuring some of the very best Cuban musicians. The lineup, similar to his previous orchestra, included three violins, … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Cándido Fabré


Artist Profiles: Buena Vista Social Club
In 1996, American guitarist Ry Cooder went to Cuba in search of the music he had heard on old Cuban recordings: sones, mambos, guajiras, etc. With the help of Cuban musician Juan de Marcos González (Afro Cuban All Stars), he was able to put together a new band called The Buena Vista Social Club, formed … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Buena Vista Social Club


Artist Profiles: Hossein Omoumi
Hossein Omoumi was born in 1944 in Isfahan, Iran, and commenced his musical education singing with his father. At age 14, he studied the ney, the traditional reed flute of Iran. At the same time as he was studying architecture, Hossein was accepted as a tutorial student at the National Superior Conservatory of Music in … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Hossein Omoumi


Artist Profiles: Bola de Nieve
Cuban singer, pianist and songwriter Ignacio Jacinto Villa Fernández, was born born September 11, 1911 in Guanabacoa, Cuba. He was best known by his nickname Bola de Nieve. He was a remarkable singer and though not a prolific composer, his few songs are jewels of Cuban music. Among his great compositions, “Si me pudieras querer” … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Bola de Nieve


Artist Profiles: Bobi Céspedes
Gladys “Bobi” Céspedes was born in Cuba and emigrated to the States in 1959. In 1967 she was initiated as a Yoruba-Lucumi priestess. She now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she maintains a rigorous schedule of concerts, religious rituals, and travels lecturing at the university level. In the 1980s, she co-founded the … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Bobi Céspedes


Artist Profiles: Bobby Carcasses
Roberto Carcassés, better known as Bobby Carcassés, is a Cuban jazz multi-instrumentalist, and scat master. Bobby Carcassés was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on August 29, 1938. His grandfather was the Cuban Consul in Jamaica. Bobby moved to Cuban at age 4. Influenced by jazz luminaries such as Stan Getz, Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby McFerrin, Sarah Vaughan, … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Bobby Carcasses

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